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Two, I don’t believe that the world is a pretty good place. There are not many perfect systems. Our educational systems, our political systems, our religions, our et cetera all suffer from a fatal failing. The one basic good in the universe is that they all work on merit. You work hard and accomplish the task at hand. You learn something from it, and you improve yourself and your own abilities. So, work hard, but also never give up. Those involved in the Make a Wish Foundation believe in providing a “rainbow” of education. Participants are granted years of opportunity, education, and life experiences while helping others cope with their own life challenges. The Foundation knows this is only a small fraction of the potential that all of those participants can possess. Since the group began in 1990, they have raised more than $9 million in scholarships for people from all over the world.

The list of individuals who have been granted wishes includes a wide range of lives in addition to those of the families of nine-year.
Philosopher Paul Williams, who died in 2014, used a very similar metaphor in writing about the subject of building a mind. When we think we’ve built a big machine, we’re actually just making more boxes, he explained. So we build an unconscious mind, a very elaborate unconscious, inside of which we’re living.